Warleggan, Book Four in Winston Graham’s Poldark Series

Well, I skipped from book 2 to book 4 without realizing it.  Book 3 is Jeremy Poldark, which I will read separately.

Book 4 deals with the rocky marriage of Ross and Demelza Poldark.  Ross is also involved with a very risky business venture that may bankrupt the family and cause them to lose their land.  Both Ross and Demelza are tempted with forbidden love.

I can’t wait to see what happens in this fast-paced book.


I decided to wait on reading book four because I was able to purchase book 3, Jeremy.  I have it on my Kindle, waiting for me to finish another Lee Child Book, Personal.  It’s about Major Reacher trying to find the long-range sniper that he put into prison for 15 years.  He is out now and took a crack shot at one of London’s politicians making a speech from beyond bullet proof glass.  The glass worked and the bullet didn’t go through, but now he is continuing his search because the G8 world leaders will be gathering at a public place for pictures, which would be the ideal shot for a sniper from 1400 feet away.  Through Jack Reacher’s research in pursuing the sniper, he finds that he, himself is the target, not any politician.  And the government knew it.  The whole operation was a fraud to get Jack Reacher to kill his own sniper.  How he does it, however, is the meat of the book.

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