Tom Clancy’s Power and Empire, a Jack Ryan book by Mark Cameron

It is a thrill to begin reading a Jack Ryan book after not reading one for a couple years.  I don’t know if you had seen a movie called “A Clear and Present Danger” by Tom Clancy.  That was a Jack Ryan book.  I recently re-read Red October, which was Tom Clancy’s first and remarkable book.  It still has its thrills.

It is December 30th.  I’ll let you know by updates how I am enjoying reading this latest installment of a Jack Ryan book.

Update:  It is January 1 and I am 41% done with the book.  It is thrilling and moves so fast.  There is a list of characters in the front of the book which tells you who is whom.  I recommend reading that before you begin this book.  Once you get into it, though, it is apparent who is whom.  If you would like to order this book, you can click on the link below.  The price of $17 sounds like it would be for a hard cover book.  It is also available in Kindle, which is how I am reading it.  It will probably be out in paperback soon.

Update:  It is January 3rd and I am 65% done with this wonderful book.  It is not only enjoyable, but it is suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I read the majority of the book over the holiday weekend, and now I am reading before and after work, and on my lunch 1/2 hour.  If you’re a Jack Ryan fan, you’ll find all the usual suspects within this 18th and latest installment.  John Clark, who is now in his late 70’s, but still has all the moves from his SEAL days, Jack Ryan and Jack Ryan, Jr., Mary Pat, and the whole gang.

Update:  It’s January 6th and I am 89% done.  The character John Clark is silently killing off the bad guys while the law enforcement is always a step behind him.  They come up against mayhem in the past tense before actually catching up with him at the most opportune time.  I won’t give it away.  This book has been quite a ride; one that I’ve been able to put down for the work day and pick right back up after work.  Since it’s my weekend, I’ll be able to finish it today.

Update:  The end of the story was very exciting and pulled all the loose ends together.  If you like spy novels, and have been following Jack Ryan, this book is a must-buy.  Just click on the icon to be directed to Amazon where you can buy it for your Kindle, New or Used.

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