The Secrets of a Digital Marketing Ninja, by Daniel Rosenfeld

Monday afternoon:

This book is about a Master Digital Marketer, which he says is called a Ninja.  If you want to get the big picture of digital marketing or online marketing, this book is for you.  This book will help you to understand more of what you are doing in your websites.

Here is a quote I like from the book:  “The digital marketer is responsible for generating strategies, gathering assets, building the campaign funnels, overseeing execution, optimization, and ensuring the company sees positive ROI.”  (Return on Investment)  This is obviously meant for a large company, but you can glean wisdom from it for your websites.


Part 7:  From Plan to Execution.  This gives you an overall marketing plan from start to finish.

Part 8:  Social Media as Part of the Online Strategy.  Besides the normal social media, there are hundreds more platforms to link to.  Which one you use is dependent on which type of audience you want to reach.  LinkedIn is great for reaching business people.

Part 9:  Content Marketing.  Blog posts that tell a story get the reader involved and takes them on a journey.  They become invested in your product and are more likely to click the Call to Action button to buy your product.

Part 10:  Mobile Apps.  Worth a look at because people are so attached to their mobile phones.

Part 11:  Aiming for Growth.  This chapter is worth the whole book.  We all want growth when we have online businesses.

If you have an online business and are looking for some out of the box advice, this is a good book with which to supplement your education.  Enjoy!

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  • Thanks! I’ve been looking into a comprehensive guide to digital marketing and heard from several place about Daniel Rosenfeld and his book ‘The Secrets of a Digital Marketing Ninja.’

    Seems to get a lot of good reviews, and for only $10 thats a lot cheaper than all these flashy online marketing programs which look like scams. I’d rather learn the old fashioned way, with some paper and binding.

    • It’s really only $9.99 if you buy it through my website.  That’s what Amazon is listing it for.  If you have a Kindle, it’s only $5. And if you have a Kindle Unlimited plan, it’s free to read.

  • Thanks for the great review. As I’m trying to grow my digital marketing business, this seems like exactly the type of quote I need to be reading right now.

    So you think chapter 11 is worth the whole book? What specifically is in it that makes it so worthwhile? I found myself wanting to read more about that because it is quite a hook. Please say more about that.

    • Daniel Rosenfeld gives an in-depth overview in Chapter 11 of the entire role of a digital marketer.  I found this interesting because I’m still learning about that.  I have to warn you, though, it is only an overview, not a detailed instruction book.  The more you understand about online marketing, the more you will appreciate this book.  The author has been a digital marketer his entire adult life.  I found the book to be an easy read with much usable information.

  • I’ve been an Internet Marketer for 10 years now. I can say with certainty that you can never learn enough in this business. I just bought The Secrets of a Digital Marketing Ninja, by Daniel Rosenfeld. I can’t wait to learn what I don’t know from this book. The only way to success is to never stop learning and never be satisfied with what you think you know.


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