The Ross Poldark Saga, Book Two, by Winston Graham — Demelza: A Novel of Cornwall, 1788-1790

About the Author:  Winston Graham was an English novelist best known for the Poldark series of historical novels set in Cornwall.  From an early age of 17, he would write novels in longhand and attempt to get them published while being supported by his mother.  He had been the author of forty novels, widely translated and his famous Poldark series has been made into a TV series on the Public Broadcast Channel.

Demelza came into Ross’s life when he rescued her from a fairground scuffle when she was only 13 years old.  She was small for her age due to being brought up with little food and many mouths to be fed.  Her Da and most of the men-folk in her neighborhood worked the tin mines of Cornwall.  The conditions in the mines were terrible and many men died early or became disabled at an early age.  Not being able to feed all the children, the girls were hired out to be maids in the affluent houses.  The boys would begin their mining days as early as 12, or younger if they were large for their age.

Under Ross’s household, Demelza grew quickly, having good and regular food.  As the years went by she grew to be a beautiful woman, and she and Ross were married when she was 17.  That is a summary of the previous book.  This book should prove to be as wonderful as the first book in this series of 9 books – The Ross Poldark Saga.

This second book featuring Demelza was very enjoyable and the book was full of passion.  When I say passion, I don’t just mean love, but everything else conceivable that you can be passionate about.  Demelza is concerned with an unmarried cousin who she helps to meet her long-lost love.  It is a twisty subplot.  Ross is passion-filled about a perceived deceit that he accuses Demela for.  His passion is a heated one, but he quickly comes to his senses.  They have a little girl, and all seems well in their lives.  This is a must-read if you are into Winston Graham’s saga of Ross Poldark.

I’m going to save the third book for later.  I’ll take a break and read Danielle Steel’s latest book, Past Perfect.

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