The Midnight Line, A Jack Reacher Novel, by Lee Child

The Midnight Line is a Jack Reacher Novel.  It is very enjoyable, like all of Lee Child’s books.  The premise of the book is that Jack Reacher finds a West Point class ring that is so small that it has to belong to a woman.  Where he finds it is the rub.  He finds it at a pawn shop.  Being a fellow West Point graduate, Reacher cannot fathom that anyone would pawn such a special ring.  She must be in trouble, or it was stolen from her.  He sets out to find the owner of this ring and return it to her.  The journey takes him west to Wyoming.

It turns out that the woman whose ring it is, has an identical twin sister, and she is beautiful.  The sister hired a private detective to find her sister.  They find people who know where the woman is, but they are protective of her because she had suffered a debilitating war injury in Afghanistan.

This book is very compassionate and up to date in its dialogue about addiction.

To buy this book, click on the link below.  It will redirect you to Amazon where you can get it in kindle, or new or used.

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