The Letter, Tom Hanks Short Stories

The Letter, by Kathryn Hughes,  is a New York #1 best seller.  I actually read it last month, but I enjoyed it so much that I have to do a review of it.  The book is set in England at the beginning of WWII.  The letter was written by a young man who was professing his love to his estranged pregnant girl friend.  Because of the nasty father, the letter never reached the young lady, and she was sent to distant relatives in Ireland to have her baby, thinking all the while that her boyfriend wants nothing to do with her or the baby.  The story spans a couple of generations and the author builds great characters in The Letter.  It is a must read!

Wednesday Morning:  The next book I am reading is Uncommon Type:  Some Stories, by Tom Hanks.  It promises that Tom Hanks is as good a writer as he is an actor.  It is a collection of 17 wonderful short stories.  Sounds very interesting.

Wednesday Afternoon:  I read Tom Hank’s first short story and it was really good.  I already recommend this book to anyone who admires Tom Hanks.  My co-worker says that he collects old typewriters.  There’s pictures of some in the book.

Friday Morning: I’m half-way done with Tom Hank’s short stories and I wish he would write a whole novel.

Saturday Morning: I’ve finished with Tom Hanks’s short stories and I consider it a “must-read”.  The story about the perfect bowling game is really a good read.

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