Secondary Purpose of this Website

If you’re like most folks, you wish you could make more money.  I was in the same situation, working my day job and looking to do anything clerical on a part-time basis at night.

While searching the internet for an additional job, I came across Wealthy Affiliates – WA for short.  First let me say that there are absolutely no phone calls to make.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.  Hated it.  There is no having to bug people to be your down-stream.

Wealthy Affiliates is a community of people that actually help you to get started.  You can get started for free.  There are lessons that show you step-by-step how to make a website, like I have here.  It only takes 30 seconds because much of it is automated for you.  Then you learn how to get people to come to your website – it’s all automatic.

People are searching all over the internet – Billions of them.  If you get even 1% of those people to come to your website, you are going to make a lot of money.  First of all you have to choose something in your life that you are passionate about and write about it on your website.  If you can find something on Amazon that relates to your passion, you can get a link from Amazon to put on your website.  If your viewer clicks on that link and buys that item from Amazon, you get a commission.

Amazon has millions of items you can write about, that’s called doing a product review.  And being the Christmas season coming up, a lot of people are going to be searching online for reviews so they can buy the best and less expensive item for their gifts.

So click on the link below – WA – Wealthy Affiliates so you can start earning money at home off the internet.  It’s free to start.  You can even continue as a free member.  I became a premium member so I could take advantage of further courses available.  I’m all about learning.  I have a master’s in adult education, and I am very impressed with WA’s lesson plans.

There is a whole community of over a thousand members who don’t mind helping out if you get stuck.  In fact, they get credit for helping you.  That’s how we move up in “rank”.  The co-owners are ranked 1.  I am nine hundred and something.  But I used to be a thousand and something, so I’m doing something right.

Hope to see you in the community.  My name is Debra Beatty and I’d love it if you’d click to become a member.