The Ross Poldark Saga, by Winston Graham

Wednesday afternoon:

When I hear of a good TV series, especially on the Public TV station, that is based on a series of books, naturally I want to read the book.  The Poldark Saga is a series of 9 books by Winston Graham.  I looked in my Kindle store and found it was only $9 to buy the first book on Kindle.

My Kindle says I am 6% into it but I can already tell that the writing is superior to many other books I have read lately.  I hope you can check out the series of Public TV.  I work nights, so I can’t.  But my co-worker says it is stunningly beautiful, from the scenery of Cornwall, England, to the cast.

The book is $11.55 on Amazon, $9.99 on Kindle, and if you click on the link below, you get more options on hard cover books and used books.

Sunday morning:

I am 32% done with this book.  The rich back history of the story sets the scene for the whole book.  The character development is in-depth, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.  This is the kind of book that you are sorry when you finish it.  But with 9 books in the series, I won’t be sorry for a long time!

My two-year old granddaughter got a hold of my Kindle this morning, and she was just swiping away at it the way she had seen me do.  I’ll have to find my place again.  I’m glad I knew I was at 32%.

Thursday evening:

I was so into reading this book that I didn’t realize I had come to the end until the last page.  On a Kindle you have no clue unless you are watching the percentage climb up to 100.

I highly recommend this book, and I definitely want to order the next book in the series.

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