Disney’s Maui, Moana, and Plush Hedgehog

Ever wonder what present to get a 2-year old?  If your child loves Disney’s Moana animated movie, wonder no more.  Here are the most adorable stuffed dolls that I got for my 2-year old granddaughter for her birthday.  She watches Disney’s Moana almost every day.  Maui (the male) is 15 inches tall and is very sturdy.  They also make one that talks, but that’s more expensive, and not available on Amazon.  The Moana plush doll is 20 inches tall and as cute as a button.  Suitable for 2-years old and up.  And, bonus, I found this adorable hedgehog that would be suitable for a 1 year old and up.

With the holidays coming up, I’ll be reviewing more toys and specialty items that will be sure to help you fill your gift list for your whole family.

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  • Man, I think anything that is Disney related is great for children. I was a personal fan of lilo and stitch when I was a young boy but I can understand why the dolls you have chosen are perfect for a young girl. I would of gone crazy for that moana plushy when I was younger and I wish to spoil my future children with stuff like this!

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